• Mobile Car Valeting London

    Mobile Car Valeting Services

    Pride Shine Valeting should be your number one choice for car and commercial valeting in London Hertfordshire and Bromley. We cover areas such as Enfield, Waltham Abbey, Southgate, Hertford, St Albans, Hatfield, Cheshunt, Watford, Bromley, Lewisham, Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill, Bexley, Swanley, & many more..

  • Mobile Car Polishing

    Professional Mobile Valeting Services.

    Our trained staff will clean and polish your vehicle to a very high standard at very reasonable prices. Keep your car in show room condition. As a professional car valeting company, we aim to provide a fully comprehensive and totally professional mobile car valeting service available 7 days a week.

  • Mobile Car Buffing Service

    Detailing and paint correction service

    Pride Shine offers a full spectrum of services for the restoration, preservation and ongoing care of your vehicles' exterior and interior. We provide a specialist detailing and paint correction service for exclusive vehicles. We are the ultimate super car & prestige vehicle detailing specialists and possess a portfolio of cars which is unrivaled by any other car detailing company in the world.

  • Mobile Car Cleaning Service by Pride Shine

    Changing your car or sell?

    If you are considering changing your car, a good valet is normally sufficient enough to make your car easier to sell, and at a much greater value. For the higher value car, be it luxury, sport or supercar, a full detail is highly recommended to achieve the asking price. The money spent on a detail will make your car easier to sell, while maintaining its true value. Worth every penny, and will probably save you money when the final negotiation take place.

  • Mobile Car Cleaning Service

    Press to Impress

    Here at Pride Shine we offer the very best standards of finish and customer service to be found anywhere in the London, we have the latest equipment available and only ever use the very best products. We specialise in all aspects of car valeting & car detailing.

Full Valeting


  • Pride Shine multi stage safe wash
  • Hand dried using safe-dry process
  • Chamois bodywork dry
  • Tyres conditioned & dressed
  • Exterior AutoGlym polish applied
  • Windows & mirrors cleaned steam cleaned inside & out


  • Vacuum Seats, Carpets & Boot
  • Shampoo Seats, Carpets
  • Panels Steam Cleaned
  • Floor Mats Steam Cleaned
  • Ashtrays Emptied & Steam Cleaned
  • Dashboard Cleaned
  • Leather Steam Cleaned & Conditioned
  • Headlining cleaning steam cleaned
Full Valeting By Pride Shine

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This service takes around 2 to 3 Hours  

Interior Valeting

  • Door panels steam cleaned & conditioned
  • Windows & mirrors steam cleaned inside
  • Vacuum seats, carpets & boot
  • Shampoo seats, carpets & steam cleaned
  • Floor mats steam cleaned & conditioned
  • Ashtrays emptied cleaned & steam cleaned
  • Interior trims door steam cleaned
  • Dashboard cleaned & steam cleaned
  • Leather steam cleaned & conditioned
  • Air vents dusted & steam cleaned
Interior Valeting by pride shine london
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This service takes around 1 to 2 Hours, Please read the terms and conditions.

Express Wash

Extras for Express Wash
  • Exterior Wash
  • Chamois Bodywork Dry
  • Alloy Wheels Cleaned
  • Wheel Arches Cleaned
  • Tyres Conditioned & Dressed
  • Windows & Mirrors Cleaned
  • Engine compartment cleaning £40.00

  • All carpets and material mats shampooed £ 60.00

  • Leather interior fully cleaned and conditioned £ 50.00

  • Polish or Wax £ 100.00
Express Wash by pride shine london
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not: This service not for mobel service..  

Mini Valet

Extras for Mini Valet
  • Wash & Liquid Wax
  • Door-shuts steam cleaned
  • Wheels washed & tyres dressed
  • Ashtrays Emptied & Cleaned
  • Dashboard Cleaned
  • Air Vents Dusted and Cleaned
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Engine compartment cleaning £40.00
  • Leather interior fully cleaned and conditioned £ 50.00
  • Polish or Wax £ 80.00
  • All carpets and material mats shampooed £ 50.00
mini car valeting by pride shine bromley
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This service not for mobile service..  


P&S Special Valet

  • This is a new service and is designed for those customers who really cherish their vehicle and want to maintain it to the highest standards. Pride & Shine Special Valet which will take approx 8 step include everything we offer in a Full Valet, plus machine polishing, leather treatment for seats and trim, finished off with an AutoGlym super resin polish or Zymol Rouge Wax Starter radiant.
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P&S Special Valet by pride shine london


machine polishing by pride shinezymol wax by pride shine car valeting
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Car Paint Colour Restorer

  • Pride Shine Colour Repairs offers a mobile car colour restoration service, this is ideal if your car has faded, dull or flat paint work. This normally happens to red cars or dark colour cars. We can bring the colour and shine back to these using market leading materials. If your car was once red and now looks pink then give us a call now for a free quote or simply fill in the online quote form.
    If you have just bought a car that has had a life of being put through roller car washes then this will have created swirl marks and over the course of time removed the shine from your paint work. We can restore this and make it look like new again.
Car Paint Colour Restorer by Pride Shine Londo
 Car Paint Colour Restorer
Get 10% discount on refer us to a friend and family.
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Professiong Buffing Polishing Services
  • Are you not satisfied with the paint work on your car because it is not as shiny as it used to be?
    Does your car look hazy, cloudy or misty?
    Do you see lots of fine scratches and swirls when your car is in the sun?

  • If the answer is yes, then your car needs a professional polish. A professional polish will make your car shiny again; remove small scratches, swirls and oxidants.

  • Learn more
Car Paint Colour Restorer by Pride Shine Londo
 Car Paint Colour Restorer
This service takes around 2 to 3 Hours
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Mobile Car Valeting Services

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  • Small: Mini, Fiat-500, Smart,
  • Medium: Golf, Focus, Astra,
  • Large: Passat, Mondeo, Vectra, Insignia,
  • Extra Large: Galaxy. 4x4, Zafira, Galaxy,
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